Robert I. I. (Bob) Bondi

The National Railroad Hall of Fame

The National Railroad Hall of Fame celebrates the spirit of the railroad industry. The history of Illinois railroading dates back to 1837, with the creation of the Northern Cross Railroad linking the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers together for commerce and transportation. As the 1994 Illinois State Resolution and the 1997 Proposed Joint Senate/House Resolution #177 points out, "the Boom Period of the Railroad Industry in North America started in 1849 when the Peoria and Oquawka Railroads organized. The unification that was later created between Chicago, Peoria, Galesburg, Springfield, Quincy and St. Louis brought about the links from New York across to the Hudson River, Great Lakes going through down-state Illinois via the Illinois River now tied to the Mississippi River then on to the South and to the Western Frontier".

Links to Projects that Bondi Helped Develop.

Below are the websites of some projects and developments that Bondi helped to create for the benefit of the Galesburg area. Click on the highlighted names to take you the organization’s website.

Sandburg Days Festival

Sandburg Days Festival is to honor the memory of our native son, Carl Sandburg, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning poet and Lincoln biographer. We have already honored him in other ways by naming a college, mall and street for him, plus establishing his birthplace as a state historical site, where Mr. & Mrs. Carl Sandburg are buried. The festival celebrates, not only his memory, but his life and the legacy that all started right here in Galesburg. It gives our community an opportunity to take part in Sandburg’s Heritage in a more meaningful way while inviting the world to join in our celebration.

Galesburg Welcome and Visitor Center

Bondi was part of a small group of 11 individuals who saw the need for Galesburg to have a welcome center for our community. The group, known as East Portal, identified the current site and assisted the City and the Chamber in acquiring this home for our Welcome Center. See the Galesburg Address page for a list of the East Portal members.

Galesburg Public Art Commission (GPAC)

Bondi is a founder and board member of GPAC, which is dedicated to create opportunities and venues for public art in Galesburg. GPAC's current project is a statue of Carl Sandburg by artist and Galesburg native son, Lonnie Stewart. Stewart was chosen to create a 9 foot tall cast bronze sculpture of Sandburg to be placed in downtown's Central Park. Stewart is an established artist in his own right with portraits and sculptures on display around the world.

Galesburg Strategic Downtown Plan

Galesburg hopes to learn from a study being done by Massie Massie and Associates of Springfield. Clearly the downtown revitalization is important and city officials asked Bondi, along with a number of downtown property owners to participate in the study.

Galesburg Railroad Crossing Review Committee

Bondi was selected as a community representative to help in the conceptual review of the grade leveling projects on East/West Main Street and Seminary/Kellogg Street that is developing the bridges and underpasses at our BNSF Railroad Crossings. All completed by August 2018.

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Bondi has served as a Board member on the Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development (KCAPE) since 2014. The KCAPE is a public private Partnership for Economic Development in the Galesburg area.

To contact me:

Phone: 309-343-9261

Fax: 678-392-4461


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