Robert I. I. (Bob) Bondi

Galesburg/Knox County wants to grow.

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Galesburg has all the infrastructure for success, we need to expand our networking opportunities.

Our community has a group of local leaders that want to advance business opportunities in Galesburg/Knox, to determine more ways to utilize the strengths of the city and KCAPE to grow Galesburg.

Galesburg government needs to be user friendly. Allow City & County staff to expand services to help existing businesses in growth. Increase the relationships with all existing economic development groups in the Galesburg Region is key.

Galesburg produces wonderfully educated people through our schools: CUSD #205, Carl Sandburg College, Knox College and several private school options. The challenge is to keep them within our community after graduation. We need a task force to develop plans to retain our youth. Expand the program of having our brightest, "Come Home to Galesburg/Knox County".

The city/county should provide more open forums to determine how to get the community involved in growing Galesburg. Government should provide services and leadership to grow Galesburg/Knox County.

North, East, West, and South. When people enter the Galesburg city limits, their impression is established and we need to continue to work at valuing the priority of making the best entrance appearance possible.

5. Advance the Public/Private Partnership with KCAP

4. There are no limits, what one can accomplish, if you don't mind who gets the credit

3. Expand our plans to keep our youth in Galesburg/Knox

1. Initiate assistance to local leaders to retain and expand business

2. Improve all entrances to Galesburg/Knox County

Goals for Galesburg & Knox County:

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